the used panty fetish

Those seeking dirty, soiled, or otherwise used panties online have plenty of options to choose from. A quick search will uncover a plethora of sites populated by women of all body types and ethnicities only too happy to sell their used underwear. Often times other services will be included. Many ladies enjoy corresponding with the customer, either by email or by skype chat, deriving great pleasure themselves from the pleasures others receive from their scent.

Sexy woman with sexy ass in used panty fetish scenario holding handcuffs at night

Sexy woman with sexy ass in used panty fetish scenario holding handcuffs at night

Most vendors, especially those affiliated with Pantyhog (a dedicated network of verified sellers) will supply a range of delicious photographs for the customer beforehand. You can also request that the panties be used for particular periods of time before purchase, or that certain tasks be performed whilst wearing them. Panties worn by ladies who frequent the gym are in especially high demand, given the potency of the scent afterwards. Similarly desirable are panties worn by women whilst watching porn. Likewise those worn after going to the bathroom for an agreed number of times. In most cases the scent will be painstakingly preserved, ensuring that the panties remain hugely pleasurable for a long time after they have arrived in the mail. and other listings sites can also provide rich pickings, although there is an added element of risk from fraudsters. Nonetheless, if you keep your wits about you and perform the necessary validation checks (asking for a photograph of the seller holding a copy of the day’s paper, for example, or checking for reviews from other customers), you can find some great items. Generally, vendors will be keen to keep things as hygienic as possible, although some dedicated fetish sites may be able to direct you towards ladies only too happy to sell panties worn at “certain times of the month,” for example. In all, provided you don’t get carried away, and especially if you stick to sites affiliated with the Panty Verification Process, it should be relatively straightforward, and most customers will be happily gorging on the scent of the chosen seller in no time.

Sell your Party Panty (true story)

The house party was well underway now, saturday night at around half past 11. Everyone was good and drunk, but it was still going to be another hour or so before the real bad boys entered the scene. It seemed that way during teenage life anyway, all the hottest girls and hardest lads didn’t make their entrance until last. Anyway, there I was, in the kitchen with a couple of buddies when there was a loud knock on the door. My first instinct was that it was the police or an angry neighbour, however to our surprise, it was two gorgeous girls dressed in short, wavy skirts, black stockings and stilettos. Without even asking who they were, we invited them straight in. They were both a bit older than us, however we were all keen to try our luck.

Party Sex Panty

Party Sex Panty










After ten minutes or so, it became apparent that they had been to an Ann Summers party and had too much to drink, therefore they were denied entry to any of the bars. Some bad man had obviously told them we were having a party, so they came straight here. I knew these muscle bound reprobates would approach soon and destroy the atmosphere so I offered these girls something a little stronger than the beers they were cupping. One of them was really flirty so me and my buddy found it quite pointless to beat around the bush. I could see he was whispering his dirty thoughts into her ear, yet all the while, she was gazing at me with a really seductive smile.

She beckoned me with her finger and as soon as my ear was touching her lips, she informed me that she wanted to fuck us both. We were in…and it didn’t even take much effort. Walking up the stairs, I could see she was wearing the hottest black thong imaginable and to make things even more erotic, she seemed really flamboyant and keen. I pushed her on the bed and lifted her skirt while she began to slowly unzip my friend trousers. As she massaged his bell with her sultry lips, I started to spank her, softly at first and then slightly harder. I think she enjoyed the hint of pain. Those stockings had me harder than a piece of iron and so I kept my hands on them, whilst slowly inserting my manhood into her.

Dirty panty pictures and where to get them

verified-ashley-pantydealMy girlfriend is roughly ten years younger than me and although she is only 22, she will do practically anything to turn me on. Our sex life is incredibly flamboyant and we are up to mischief almost every night. She gets bored of doing it in the same places and is very spontaneous. Whenever she feels like a change of scene, she simply implies her lust by throwing my jacket at me and picking up her car keys. We have had intercourse in some really bizarre locations.

Surfing for dirty pictures

Anyway, one day I was surfing the net and came across a web site called Pantydeal. I had no idea what it was, but the title captured me so I entered the site. As soon as my girlfriend came home, I told her all about it and her eyes slowly lit up. I hadn’t mentioned how lucrative the financial gain could be, just the general gist of their mode of operation. She was intrigued by the idea of selling dirty panty pictures, but when she saw some of the going rates for actually selling her used underwear, she laughed her head off.

Selling my girlfriends dirty panty pictures online – is it wrong?

I knew with this reaction, I was going to be getting some that night and my girl made it something really special. She went upstairs and not only did she come back down wearing the hottest selection of knickers, suspenders and stilettos, but she had a camera with her as well. Commanding me to snap away, I adhered to her adamant requests and must have taken more than 30 dirty panty pictures, but the best was yet to come.

Filming her masturbating

She asked to film her masterbating while she slowly removed her bra to reveal her sumptuous pair of breasts, topped by two thick, stiff nipples. She gazed at me and I knew she wanted me to climb inside her, so after positioning the camera in a stationary position on the mantlepiece, I undid my belt and delved straight inside that soaking wet pussy. Only five minutes passed before I came and since then, we have used a camera on many occasions.

Age to sell or buy used panties online offers adults who experience sexual excitement from seeing or handling panties, underwear and other sex toys that were worn by another, the chance to come in physical contact with the eroticized garment.

Connect with fetishist from all over the world

Safely order the desired creamy panties or used knickers with this easily used website. Connect with the biggest network of fetishists and guaranteed amateurs by registering as a buyer or a seller. Membership ensures a personalised user account, a comp card, an online photo album, a private message system, video-watching and the ability to chat with other fetishists, sellers and to set up a transaction. Browse the hundreds of hot women selling used panties and other undergarments after signing up for free in a few easy steps. The website has extremely easy tools and function to facilitate the process of obtaining an object of desire for own private physical perusal. Personal data is strictly protected on this adult website for fetishists from all over the world buying worn panties.

Wear used panties for some days and sell em for some good money!

What is more easy than wearing a panty and then selling to an adoring man or women who will receive such joy and pleasure while eroticising about it? Join the leading market for selling used panties and earn that extra money the easy way.

More than 25000 lovers of others intimate aroma are registered members use this site daily. Sellers can make worldwide deals daily on a safe and anonymous basis.
Experienced sellers have reported that their first deal came through only a short while after they completed the registration process. The seller and buyer usually clarify the details of a deal between themselves. The site guarantees that there are no hidden fees or any commission payable. Every seller operates his or her own private shop system to sell their used sex toys and panties. Handling is free as well as contract conciliation.

Favorite types of used panties to buy?

Words can’t describe how amazing it is to receive a package through the post from Pantydeal after days of placing the order. If the seller is within radius, these wet panties will be exactly as they are described and still soaking, creating all the more pleasure for me.

Pantydeal and the way it looks nowadays...

Pantydeal and the way it looks nowadays…

About my used underwear fetish

Used underwear has been a fetish of mine for many years as everything is left to the imagination with something physical to allow these dirty thoughts to marinate more effectively. A nice pair of juicy thongs really gets my heart pumping and as the scent varies from woman to woman, there is no halting the ecstatic pleasure that can be had by browsing this innovative web site.

Check out this sexy stained pair of creamy wet panties

I love how a woman’s charm can be squirted all over a pair of cotton knickers and then rest on my face as I pleasure myself on a daily basis. What really gets me going is that this woman is completely aware of my seedy actions, although she will not know who I am. I like to think that when they creamed into these knickers, they were being screwed senseless or having a good old play armed with some incredibly impure thoughts.

When I buy pairs of used knickers from this web site, I feel incredibly comfortable as all transactions are completely anonymous, meaning embarrassment will never occur. The web site is well laid out and within five minutes of passing through its virtual gates, I knew my way around.

Contact used panty sellers right away

It is possible for me to make contact with the women I will be purchasing from and some of them will perform sex acts on camera too. Many of these girls will perform web cam chats as well as more intimate encounters, meaning some of them will stretch to an escort service for the right price.

Everything from photos and videos to phone conversations can be arranged and this platform is very discreet and professional. The women are lovely and as long as they are spoken to politely, they will adhere to a wide range of bizarre and filthy requests and erotic demands.

Buy Model/Pornstar Panties at Pantydeal

If you would like to sniff the scent of a pornstars vagina, Pantydeal offers some of the best deals on used juicy panties worn by sexy women. Currently, there is a growing number of women on the site, ranging from young to old, who are selling their soiled panties online and people are willing to pay significant amount of money to just experience the scent of a vagina.


Good sellers at Pantydeal can become very famous

The largest online used panties selling network

Also, the site is currently one of the largest online used panties selling and buying networks with buyers and sellers situated in different locations(Also see our Article about supply and demand in the business). For pornstars and adult models, the idea of selling used panties could be considered as a source of extra income. This is because there are a significant number of fetishists out there who are willing to pay good money for the dirty smelling panties. Using the site is quite simple for any new pornstar panty buyer and supplier. Generally, after creating a buyer’s profile and getting verified, you will be allowed to view the huge number of seller profiles on the site and make a choice on what you want.

Advantages of using Pantydeal to buy used Panties

The advantage of using this site to purchase used panties from pornstars is that as a panty sniffer, you get access to hundreds of worn juicy panties. In addition, the site ensures that every transaction you perform is done discreetly and all suppliers are subjected to a fakecheck to make sure that what they are selling are genuine. There are also user reviews on the site left by other panty sniffing fetishists, which assists buyers when making purchases on the site. Also, for an extra cost, you will get to experience sexy and arousing webcam shows from real erotic models in the pants. In some situations, the pornstars can also record or take a photo of themselves masturbating in their hot and sexy panties and include the pictures or videos in the order.

Lastly, most sellers on the site respond exactly to your instructions with respect to packaging and delivery details. To preserve the smell, the panties are usually packaged in either a plastic bag or a vacuum seal.

Where to buy used bbw panties ?

There are loads of guys and girls out there that just adore big asses, and this means sometimes the bigger the better. They worship the shape of BBW and will spend a lot of cash for a chance to buy a used bbw panty and in doing so express their admiration of the delights of big beautiful women.

Where to buy used bbw panties ?

Learn where you can buy used bbw panties

Why men love Big Beautiful Women and their used panties

They love the curves, the beauty of a pleasingly plump woman and are looking to express their desires in concrete ways that can be satisfied by the entrepreneurial woman who knows that she is desired for who she is. They will also know that there are a great many many men and women that refuse to be dragooned into contemporary ideas of fashion and sexuality and will love the idea of a sexy rounded woman who is absolutely in charge of her own sexuality.

There are many places on the internet that fans of the ample woman will just love to see the objects of their affections. Everyone from models to the enthusiastic amateurs sell worn panties and is one of the best panty sites online. Loads of women of every shape and size have a great many things that they know will make people happy and turned on. Sites like Pantydeal allow them to service their customer needs and for lovers of BBW there is lots of opportunities to see what they are buying and an easy and totally safe way purchase online. There is even a chance to rate the purchases and to repeat purchase from favourite vendors. So for those that are looking to buy used underwear at there are many compelling reasons to do so; first and foremost is the staggering range of big beautiful women who want everyone to know how sexy they are and how sexy they feel.

Panty auctions: where can I sell and buy used underwear

Thinking the best position to sell used panties often passes across a beginner and ambitious panty sellers thoughts. There are numerous places to sell used panties, but only a few are recognized sites through which you can actually offer used under wear via store methodologies or online panty auctions.

Pantybid Screenshot - ©

Pantybid Screenshot – © is usually among the best panty sites online where one can get a lot of cash publishing used panty videos with juicy panties.

How to start selling your panties on Pantybid

The objective of is to advertise particular positions to buy or bid on dirty panties, which is why it is among the common used panty auctioning and promoting sites record, with priority record listing. Panty sellers are motivated to surf through the record, and decide which might fit the best based on their own set of requirements. Some knickers suppliers adhere to one particular website, while others period a few. The fact is, what is excellent for one particular supplier might not be excellent for another, and therefore there really is no way to generally brand one panty promoting site the best although pantydeal is among the most pleasant.

The best place to buy used panties online:

Where to purchase and offer used panties is a frequently-asked question. From a promoting feature of view, publishing your used panty for sale completely on used panty promoting and sites can be a less time-consuming process and one is able to get a lot of cash. Used panty videos publishing is also a good base for clientele building and enhances immediate traffic to your page for great system marketing. There are a lot of sites out there from which you can bid on dirty panties and sell worn panties too. Examples include; Extra lunch money, Reddits Panty Selling sites, My free Cams among others. Some have not been around for very long, and others have been on the internet for over a several years. You are motivated to find the best position to purchase and offer used under wear for yourself.

Foot Fetishes: How to make money with your feet

Ladies there are gentlemen in society who like feet. Then there are gentlemen who are obsessed with feet. They have a foot fetish.

Make money with smelly socks

Make money with smelly socks

Welcome to my world, have a seat and here are some socks. Here is not a world where a person needs to cover their feet and hide them away. The dirty socks that you take off won’t go to waste either!

To most feet are unappealing parts of the human anatomy. Those who find them appealing will, in fact, do anything to have access to feet or anything to do with feet. To those who would like to put their feet to good use, this obsession can prove most beneficial in making some extra cash, yes cash! How, you might ask, simpler than a person would think and generally not at all sexual. A person can get their feet “out there” and make easy money at the same time. It definitely should not be for free.

Learn where you can sell photos, videos of your feet and/or smelly socks to fetishists online:

This site is where you can follow all the avenues available for pleasing avid too fetishists. Take photos of your feet and sell them, you don’t even need to get a pedicure beforehand. Take some photos of someone smelling your feet to add that something special to your photos. Apparently the odour of the feet is a strong selling factor. Offer live video cam sessions – let the fetishists watch while you wiggle your toes, give yourself a pedicure, putting socks on slowly and taking them off again. Take the cam session route by selling your feet (still attached to your body) by the hour. You can also make foot fetish sex tapes; although for true foot enthusiasts the videos don’t have to have a sexual undertone at all. Some have a smelly sock fetish. Got old stockings, shoes? Fetishists will buy foot products like these online as quickly as they will buy and download your foot photos.

Supply and demand in the panty selling business

Underwear is usually very personal and private items of clothing. However, turn that around by putting it out there and putting it on show and it become a very lucrative business. There is quite a large market for used underwear. offers used underwear for sale to a varied market that includes women as well as men. Whether it is used thongs or dirty underwear that fetish buyers wish to buy for panty sniffing or other need they wish to fulfill, it is available from the website. Apart from worn thongs, items like dirty socks are available.

A way to make easy money

Selling used underwear is a way to make easy money. Some sellers make as much as 400 $ the first month. It may be surprising, but there are actually a number of buyers who spend a lot of money for used panties. Such underwear also has a much higher value than new, unused items.

It all begins with setting up an attractive website. It has to be a website where buyers can see what is on offer. The items are always more attractive to buyers when they are seen on women rather than when they are just displayed as photos. If you are in a dilemma about where to get pictures of women wearing the underwear that you are selling, you can buy photos from amateurs.

It is also important that the website is interactive.It should be possible to chat with buyers and answer their questions. While it is also important that potential buyers be able to leave messages, being able to chat makes it possible for them to get answers immediately so that they can go on to make their purchases rather than try to buy from other websites.

All you have to do to start today:

Setting up as an used panty dealer on Most of the work is already done for you including payment systems. All you have to do is upload the photos of the underwear you have for sale, set your price and wait for buyers to take the bait. You can of course, also start off by modeling a few pieces yourself.